Empathic Ecosystems: device to allows ecosystems interact

Empathic Ecosystems (EcosistemasEmpáticos) is a platform for experimentation on the interaction between Ecosystems.

It consists of an exhibition installation that houses two conceptually distinct systems, one technological and the other biological, that coexist in symbiosis. A biological ecosystem formed by a kefir crop interacts through a software and hardware interface with the information ecosystem that forms the Twitter social network. On it you can define empathy experiments.

The biological ecosystem has its own profile @EEmpaticos responds to both the messages that circulate through Twitter and pass a certain filter (which is defined in the approach of each experiment) and private messages sent to it directly by an operator (from the account of @RootEEmpaticos). In the future, it will also interact with the followers of the system.

The kefir mushroom will be automatically fed depending on the appearance of keywords in the messages of the Twiiter network. Initially, the system was configured to react to the messages:
«I love you» «I love you» «I love you» «I love U»
On the right are the panels that monitor the system from this blog:
«Feeding the system» you can see the capture of these messages.
«Messages sent» on Twitter by @EEmpaticos.

Currently the system empathizes with Wikileaks

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Index and introduction [intro]
Full text [project]
Latest version of source code with used libraries [code]



  • API connection of the NYTimes and Arduino [blprnt]
  • Realization of a visualization on the NYTimes API in Processing [blprnt]

Processing and Twitter

  • JAVA client for Twitter [Twitter4J]
  • Code examples
  • Connection example Arduino + Twitter + Processing + OAUth [robotgrrl]
  • Connecting Proccessing with Facebook, Delicious … [wiki.Proccesing.org]
  • Library in Proccesing for the Twitpic service [twitpic4p]
  • Development in Twiiter [dev] [documentation]
  • Use of the OAUth protocol in Processing [forum]
  • Processing and Twitter connection [blprnt]


  • Library to use the webcam in Processing [WinVDIG]